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Propét Womens Leona Casual Shoe Black/Silver ZOVPBZXkI Propét Womens Leona Casual Shoe Black/Silver ZOVPBZXkI Propét Womens Leona Casual Shoe Black/Silver ZOVPBZXkI Propét Womens Leona Casual Shoe Black/Silver ZOVPBZXkI Propét Womens Leona Casual Shoe Black/Silver ZOVPBZXkI
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April 25 May 2, 2018
April 25May 2, 2018

independent film festivalboston

Monday, June 18 — 8:00 at the Brattle
IFFBoston Screening Series: SEARCHING
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The second feature from writer-director Barry Jenkins (MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, IFFBoston 2008) follows its young protagonist from childhood to adulthood as he navigates both the dangers of drugs and violence in his depressed Florida neighbourhood, and his complex love for his best friend.

Appeared At
IFFBoston Fall Focus 2016

The second feature from writer-director Barry Jenkins (MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, IFFBoston 2008) follows its young protagonist from childhood to adulthood as he navigates both the dangers of drugs and violence in his depressed Florida neighbourhood, and his complex love for his best friend.

Appeared At
IFFBoston Fall Focus 2016
Manchester By The Sea

Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams and Kyle Chandler star in this emotionally overwhelming and critically acclaimed drama from writer-director Kenneth Lonergan (YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, MARGARET), about a reclusive handyman who must face his painful past when he returns to his Massachusetts hometown after the sudden death of his beloved older brother.

Appeared At
IFFBoston Screening Series 2016
Certain Women

Kelly Reichardt (WENDY AND LUCY, MEEK’S CUTOFF) directs Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Lily Gladstone in this tripartite portrait of striving, independent women whose lives intersect in suggestive and powerful ways.

Appeared At
IFFBoston Screening Series 2016
Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World

Werner Herzog’s existential exploration of the past, present, and future of the internet.

Appeared At
IFFBoston 2016
Presenting Princess Shaw

Princess Shaw stuggles to make her music heard by posting her songs on YouTube. Then, one day, someone living 7,000 miles away discovers her.

Appeared At
IFFBoston 2016

With additional thanks and gratitude to all of our sponsors for thisyear'sfestival.

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Most colleges offer an accounting degree. But our degree will make you more attractive to employers than most. Why? Because at Lakeland, you won’t just learn how to crunch numbers. You will get out of the classroom and apply your knowledge in a real-world setting. And that’s exactly what employers want to see on a resume.

Come to Lakeland, and your out-of-class accounting journey will include:

“We certainly provide all the necessary technical knowledge, but the link between classroom learning and actual experience in the field is what’s most valuable,” says Brett Killion, assistant professor of accounting. “We really emphasize becoming a strong professional and helping students get that actual experience, so when they go out into the work world, they’re prepared to be great employees.”

Cooperative Education

Lakeland’s Cooperative Education Program allows accounting majors to earn significant wages and academic credit while working full time for one of our accounting partners. Between scholarship awards and wages, students have the ability to earn more than $107,000 during their four years at Lakeland, which can significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt. Accounting majors in the co-op program will graduate with 12-18 months of real world experience, further solidifying their resume.

Covering all the bases

Our accounting program is comprehensive. You will be exposed to financial accounting (record-keeping); managerial accounting (budgeting, forecasting, strategic planning); tax accounting and many other facets of this popular field.

“But we also offer a lot of flexibility in terms of emphasis tracks,” Killion says. “We have a fraud and forensics emphasis track and we have a finance and insurance track as well.”

Forensic Accounting at Lakeland

White collar corporate crime is a growing problem in our society. We are one of only a few United States colleges that offer a fraud and forensic emphasis accounting degree. That’s a source of pride for us, and a valuable option for you.

“You are combining your accounting skills, your analytical skills and your detective skills, and putting them all together,” says Killion. “You’re almost an accounting crime solver. You’re not just sitting in a cubicle with a calculator.”

Managerial accounting can be an imposing course for even the best student. Lakeland’s Milwaukee Center had just the right recipe to make this challenging course more palatable for students.

As part of its semester project, the managerial accounting class at the Milwaukee Center baked cookies and other desserts to allow students a chance to use concepts and terms from class and apply them to a real-life situation.

“In managerial accounting, we discuss manufacturing concepts and terms such as direct material, direct labor, overhead, contribution margins and break-even analysis. Instead of having students just memorize terms, I had them apply these terms in their manufacturing (baking) process,” instructor Dion Borkowicz.

Students baked cookies or another snack and tracked all their costs so that they could evaluate the profitability of their production. Students created PowerPoint presentations to show preparation and execution, along with their cost calculations and break-even analysis.

On presentation day, students delivered cookies for the class to do a valuable “quality check.” Cookie project snacks included cake pops, cupcakes and a variety of cookies.

Each student left class with a Tupperware container full of a variety of snacks, enough to fulfill anyone’s sweet tooth, all while applying valuable business lessons.

Jacob Barthels is such a nice guy, he doesn’t like to decline reasonable requests.

Last summer, when a campus-wide request asked students to represent Lakeland University in the July 4 Sheboygan parade, Jacob immediately volunteered. But there’s only so much time in a day, and when the junior double major (accounting and business with a finance and insurance emphasis) was recently offered five great internships in a two-week span, he had no choice but to turn a few of them down.

Barthels, a junior from Sheboygan Falls, Wis., is busy. Starting in spring, he will help continue to strengthen LU’s great relationship with ComeShun Womens Shoes Suede Closed Toe Flats Slingback Dress Pumps Black 6zM2nu7i3
when he interns there. Then, in the summer, he will serve as an intern at Sargento – one of the nation’s biggest cheese companies. He will be Lakeland’s first Sargento intern in nearly two decades.

These experiences will make Jacob’s already-strong résumé even more robust. He’s already completed an internship in Lakeland’s finance office and in the finance office of Clipper City Co-op in Manitowoc. Jacob has always had an affinity for math and working with money. His dream job is to someday serve as the CFO for a large manufacturing company.

At Lakeland, he likes to be involved, and is currently the treasurer for three organizations: Cru, Lakeland Rotaract and the LU Accounting Club.

“Lakeland’s family feel is what I love most,” he said. “Knowing so many staff and faculty members on such a personal level, being able to say ‘hi’ to them every day and just talk about life; that’s really meaningful.

“Also, there are so many career opportunities with really big-time companies in the Sheboygan area. There are tons of jobs out there, right outside our door.”

When “The Accountant” hits big screens later this month, you can bet Lakeland University senior Jocelyn Yeager will be among the first in line.

The much-anticipated movie, starring Ben Affleck, is about a CPA who secretly does dirty freelance work for criminals. Yeager, whose academic and career passion is forensic accounting and fraud, loves that kind of story.

Every Tuesday night for the next couple of months, Lakeland University junior Alexia Janz will drive to Milwaukee, take a deep breath, leap out of her comfort zone and enjoy a three-hour adrenaline surge.

Janz is a member of The Commons, a unique, fresh, open-minded approach to education, innovation and collaboration.

“This is a great way for me to test myself, to discover what I’m capable of,” says Janz, who’s double majoring in accounting and management information systems (MIS).

Huberty CPAs, through its innovative Premier Student Program, continues to tap into Lakeland University’s accounting talent.

At least six current Huberty employees are Lakeland alumni, and two of them went through Huberty’s PSP. The firm has also awarded four Lakeland students (and Huberty PSP participants) internships.

Lakeland’s Alexia Janz recently accepted a paid internship offer by Huberty CPAs after making a strong impression during the PSP. She will begin in that role this December in Plymouth.

Recent Grads, Real Careers

Listed below are just some of the actual jobs Lakeland University accounting students from recent graduating classes have landed:

Dyeables Womens Vegas Platform Black Satin/Patent tmkIAT
Associate Professor of Accounting
Bob Martin
Adjunct Instructor of Accounting

**Available business emphases that may be pursued can be found under Business Administration .

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